Historic Mill Catches Fire

Last night at approximately 2300 hours NMFC was dispatched to a Barn/Apartment Building Fire in the 100 Block of Butcher Hill Road by Children’s Lake. During dispatch, the box was quickly upgraded to a working structure box. Headquarters advised that a fire started in the back porch and fire was spreading tothe top of the building. As command arrived on scene with a working fire the box was upgraded 2 more times to a 2nd Alarm Apartment Building Fire. Due to the cold temperatures, additional manpower was needed with the amount of fire needed to be extinguished. A hydrant used to supply water froze adding additional frustration to the scene. Flares were used to thaw it from a unit to unthaw it. Units were on the scene for approximately 6 hours before going available. Bucher Hill Road and Mountain Road in the area of the fire will be closed for several more hours if not days due to the ice accumulated on the roads. The fire is currently under investigation.